Are you excited to start your new job? Here are some tips to help you impress your new employers and get off to a great start!

How can you be better prepared?

1) Try Out the Route

Try Out the Route! If you wait for the 1st day at work before figuring out how to get there, you will have increased chances that you may be late. There may be traffic congestion, rush hour, construction or other hazards that can delay your arrival. Plan ahead. You don’t want to be late on your 1st day, nor do you want to be frustrated because you are running behind. And you certainly don’t want to get in an accident while your rushing.

  • If you are driving to work, take a test drive to see how long it takes you, and do this at the same time as you will normally be starting work. There may be heavier traffic, alternate route or construction during your travel hours that you didn’t experience during your interview. You should drive this route for a few days if possible to get a true reflection of how long it will take you.


  • If you are taking publication transportation, you should also do a practice run so you know how long it will take. Allow yourself plenty of time and tryout the route before your 1st day. Do you have a direct route, or will you be transferring? Do you have a backup plan in case the bus is delayed? Is there a different route and do you know how to catch it?

2) Be prompt

It is never good to be late but showing up on time for your first day is even more important. You want the company to understand how responsible and reliable you will be, and promptness is the way to do it.

Avoid things that may cause you to be delayed: have your clothes out the night before, if you’re bring your lunch, pack it the night before.

Plan for delays. Often-times there are delays that are unavoidable (i.e., traffic accident, car problem, bus late), so plan on being at work 10-15 minutes early. This will prevent you from being late and put you in a better mind set so you don’t feel rushed!


3) Do you have everything you need?

If you’ve been told to wear Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), a uniform or need to bring supplies or tools, have them ready the night before you start. If you need to purchase supplies/tools, don’t wait until the day before to buy them as they may be out of stock.

Keep your PPE, uniform or supplies/tools out with your clothes and lunch the night before so you don’t forget them. If you can’t keep them with your clothes, write yourself a note and place it somewhere so you don’t forget!

4) Report to the Right Person

Coordinate with your Nexus’ Recruiter and be sure to know exactly who you are supposed to meet, where and when. Ask your recruiter for the clients’ cell phone.

When you arrive to work, find your contact person and let them know you’re there and ready to work!

4) What next…

Stay in touch with your Nexus Recruiter whether you are working a temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire position.

A Staffing Agency Can Help You Find a New Job

If you’re looking for a new job, we can help! Need a career change? Looking for seasonal employment? Nexus is here to help find your next exciting opportunity! Aligning your career aspirations with our nationwide network of top employers (located in Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Ohio, West Virginia, North Dakota and Louisiana) can help you make the ideal match.


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